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FUNDING As with all rescues we are in need of funding for our daily operations and care of the dogs. All donations are gratefully accepted and no donation amount is too small. Our hard facts are that the cost to keep the rescue doors open each month is $1,400.00,  this is before we care for, feed or save a single dog. It cost us an average of $250.00 to save a dog's life and an average of $150.00 a month to care for each dog residing at the rescue.

Monetary donations may be made through our PayPal Account or via check to Barking Out Loud Rescue, Inc 300 N Lake Drive Lorida, Florida 33857
Donations of Food, Treats, Toys, Laundry Soap, Bleach and Supplies may be dropped off at the rescue.
Please considering sponsoring a Dog at the Rescue, each sponsorship is $450.00 which covers a dogs care for 3 months, the average time a dog is in the rescue prior to adoption.
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